Kamis, 26 November 2009


Love is around us. Our acctiveties are coloured with love. many peple often talk about it. but, do we know what love really is? Surely, we cant describe what we mean by love. We just sat that it is something that we feel, something abut giving and taking care other.
We can diffrentiate between the love to our parents. love to our brother and sister, love to our friend, and of course love to the creator. iF a brother brings a doll to his sister. We can call it love. Even if a mother' angry. there is a love in side it. If we pray all the time to God.do what God suppored us to do. that's how we shpw our love to god.
Love, just like the other kind of creation, is not last for ever. Sometimes. n someways, it can fade away. If someone lves you but you cheat them. there are two things that probably happen. They will apologize you or they will leave you. but there is a love that last foverever, immortal love, it is God's love.
Love can become so harmful or even destructive. We often see many people get crazy or even kill them selves because of broken heart. they love someone, but hat one doesn't fell it too. it is hard, but that's life.
It is said that when we want to get closer to someone, we love that, acctually we just admire. IT is not easy to diffrentiate between love and admiration
LOve is no just like that. love is more that i could ddescribe. I could imagine. Love is greater, deeper, and undescrible.

created by: nurhaida laili.

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